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Aqueduct lime scale dating

Building large new cities was the major architectural activity of the Abbasid caliphs.In terms of function, these cities were logical successors to the garrison cities that the Umayyads had built in newly conquered regions.In early Islamic times, there had been no architectural uniformity, as mosques were made out of older structures or constructed in local vernacular styles.Under the Umayyads, the great Friday (congregational) mosques of the major cities such as Damascus, Jerusalem, and Medina had been monumentalized with the panoply of late antique architectural forms and decoration, but the effective confinement of Umayyad power to greater Syria meant that the “imperial style,” such as it was, was limited to the core Umayyad region. The great power of the early Abbasid caliphate, combined with the growing role of the meant that a standard type of Friday mosque evolved over a wide geographical area, although individual examples might differ in the use of local materials and techniques of construction.It was, of course, a place of worship, but it was also the social and political center of the nascent Muslim community.Under the Abbasids, the mosque developed a new character as an exclusively religious institution.The musician Ziryab (789-857), an emigre from Baghdad, became the arbiter of fine taste in 9th-century Cordoba, where he set the standards for dress, table manners, protocol, etiquette, and even the coiffures of men and women.Similarly, Abbasid elegance was emulated by their religious and political rivals in Byzantium.

In the time of the Prophet and his immediate successors, the mosque had combined several functions.

The typical Friday mosque in the Abbasid period was a rectangular structure, somewhat longer than it was wide, with a rectangular courtyard in its center.

The courtyard was surrounded by hypostyle halls, in which many stone columns or brick piers supported a flat wooden roof. In the Umayyad period, the caliph himself had often given the sermon, but by Abbasid times the caliph rarely, if ever, attended worship in the Friday mosque, and the job of leading prayers was taken over by a member of the “place of or thing that gives light”), is often associated with the call to prayer, but there is little contemporary evidence that Abbasid towers were used for this purpose.

Only the substructure remains, but it shows a large rectangular enclosure that calls to mind Umayyad and Abbasid palaces.

The only departure from the Abbasid model was a chapel added next to the imperial chamber and a triconch church set in the middle of the courtyard.

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In contrast to the Umayyads, who in Syria had built stone structures, Abbasid builders favored mud brick and baked brick covered with a rendering of gypsum plaster, often painted, carved, or molded with geometric and vegetal designs.

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