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But as the Court aptly pointed out, Matrimonial judges spend countless hours on other disputes that do not rise to a level of importance anywhere near that of children.Pandora Media is locked in a no-holds-barred fight for profitability.Pandora makes its money by selling advertisements that are heard by its listeners.

ACPU is calculated by dividing a company’s annual Cost of Goods Sold by the number of users it has.I have had divorcing couples agree to split custody as if the dogs were children.I am sure that non-pet owners will not understand what all this fuss is about.Westergren is asking listeners and musicians to support the IRFA, citing the disparity between the rates Pandora pays and those paid by terrestrial and satellite broadcasters. Unfortunately for Pandora, their direct competitor, i Heart Radio, a Clear Channel-owned internet webcaster, also pays the 1.7% rate.This prompted Pandora to recently purchase a broadcast radio station in South Dakota—an attempt to secure lower rates by reclassifying itself as a terrestrial company. ACPU, ARPU, and Sirius XM Many commentators and stakeholders have shared pointed exchanges about the difficulty of comparing internet radio to satellite and terrestrial formats, as well as the vagaries in using streams and impressions for determining fair royalty payments.

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Every dog has its day- a day of trial in a New York divorce court to determine which “parent” will obtain custody.