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He said he hoped the gymnasium concrete slab would be poured this week, but work was progressing on the high school wing of the building.Forte reported the elementary school's goal of having 85 percent of students on target has almost been achieved with 75 percent of students on grade level.They also voted to hire Mark Propps as the senior high girls basketball coach, effective immediately.

Hill informed KDQN that the plans for the dressing room renovation in the back of the administration building are on the fire marshal's desk for his review and district administrators will review the drawings for the new high school on Wednesday.

But, Sullivan says it won't affect as many people as you think.

Sullivan said you won't need an ELD if you are not driving more than 11 hours, if you take 10 consecutive hours off between shifts, if you start and return to the same location within 12 hours and if you drive within a 100-mile radius from the normal starting location.

This program provides a supportive group environment and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Extension Get Fit is evidence-based, safe, structured, and affordable.

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He said they upgraded to an automated meter reading system that will save on labor costs and will allow city workers to read all 2,500 meters in half-a-day rather than in one week.