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The latter also understood the lake and where the ice was thickest, while the Crusaders did not.Alexander’s victory ended further crusades against the north for another century.Instead of facing him, Russian forces retreated, letting the French capture towns and cities.As winter drew closer, they burned their own fields to starve the invaders out.Pharaoh Amasis II died before the attacks, so his son and heir, Psamtick III, met the Persian force outside the city of Pelusium.

Martel won, forcing the Ummayads to retreat over the Pyrenees and ultimately out of Europe.

Believing they had the advantage, the English poured down the hill in pursuit, but were mowed down by Norman cavalry and archers.

Harold died, resulting in further chaos as the English were routed.

Since the English had lodged themselves atop Caldbec Hill, the Norman forces below couldn’t break through.

To end the stalemate, the Normans feigned a retreat.

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Crassus’ men followed, but the Parthians doubled back in two lines flanking the Roman advance and firing a volley of arrows.

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