Purity christian dating

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Purity christian dating

Today, Brenda hopes to share with you wisdom she learned from her years as a single woman with the hope that you will be well equipped to lead a life of peace and purpose. I was not a girl who dated much in high school or college, and I had very strong convictions, but as time went on I got scared and so I compromised my values in fear of not finding a husband. Even though sexual sin is forgivable like all other sin, there are consequences that everyone has that God typically does not take away.You can be forgiven and redeemed, and you can live free from bondage to regret and shame, but there are some practical consequences that remain.

Any problem you have as a single woman – insecurity, fear, trust issues, etc. The problems don’t go away, they become more obvious and even worse.I wasn’t called to be a mom because I wasn’t yet a mom. We talk a lot about physical purity or intimacy, but there’s also emotional intimacy, and it can become just as dangerous if rushed too soon.Therefore, I should have moved on with my life as God led. You learn if you can trust someone by observing their character and interactions with others in their life – family, friends, co-workers.Now, her mission is to mentor young women for purposeful lives of faith.She writes about her personal relationship with Jesus, singleness, community, relationships, mentoring, and raising daughters. Now I realize that this came from a low self-esteem and fear of never getting married.

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I went to college and even grad school, but if you had asked me my perfect life it would have been to be a homemaker.