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Keeping’s assailant was estimated at 2.2 to 2.5 meters long.

Photo by Shanna Baker Chris Keeping knows how it feels to suddenly find yourself on the wrong end of the food chain.He looked around, but didn’t see the crocodile coming until its dark snout had suddenly rolled up on his right side. I’m sorry for being so stupid.” Saltwater crocodiles, which have the highest bite force ever recorded, can easily crush even the toughest prey.He jerked to the left and the crocodile snapped down over his shoulder, pinning his arm across his chest, and started to shake him violently. They have one or two spare teeth in reserve for each existing tooth.If they find my body on the beach, when they catch this guy he’s going to have cuts and scars.” He smashed his board, over and over again across the crocodile’s head before it turned away again, swam a few strokes, and then came back for another round.Still dragging his kite, Keeping started back pedaling toward shore, fending off the croc again and again, maybe six times, before finally touching sand, where he could walk backward, thrusting his board like a shield into the water in front of him, and the croc disappeared.

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There’s something a lot more repulsive about the thought of being eaten—your bones crunching, tendons snapping, flesh tearing—than dying in a crash.

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