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The mod-q action calls the xmonad binary to recompile itself, so if your display manager is starting it with /path/to/xmonad you'll also have to edit your mod-q binding to use the full path and restart X (or in newer versions use 'xmonad --restart') to restart xmonad with the new mod-q full path binding.

If you recently changed ghc versions see #Upgraded GHC and now xmonad xmonad-contrib etc are not found Yes.

XMonad is a minimal window manager, meaning it doesn't set a background, start a status bar, display a splash screen or play a soothing sound effect when it starts up.

Once xmonad has started, the only thing it does is listen for your first command.

Try pressing mod-shift-enter (that is Alt, Shift, and Enter pressed at the same time) to bring up an xterm.

You may bind to other mod keys by editing your mod Mask value, or by using xmodmap to rebind a key to mod1.The simplest way is to create or modify your ~/.xsession file to run xmonad.If you don't already have a .xsession, the minimal example looks like: This requires that the ghc and the xmonad executable (or a symlink to them) are in a directory in the display manager $PATH environment.Let's assume you've installed xmonad to the Do not forget to purge that evil source code!Ensure that ghc, and the xmonad executable are both in the environment PATH from which you start X.

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By creating and editing the ~/.xmonad/file, a Haskell source file. The xmonad-contrib package contains many extension modules to make customizing xmonad easier.