Who is tracie thoms dating

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Who is tracie thoms dating

She plays Fiona, a close friend of Quinn (Constance Zimmer) since early in their careers.Fiona is a high-end executive in the entertainment industry; a fun-loving, gorgeous gay woman with swagger.Anyway, now Tracie understands that Sammie invented Reese because she didn't (and doesn't) have a real best friend, and she tells Sammie that all the people Sammie made "friends" with online liked her for her: "You were enough.

Since everyone feels weird at this point, Nev suggests breaking off for the time being and picking up the next day.

OH MY GOD TRACIE IS SUCH A GREAT SINGER is what I'm supposed to say, right? After seeing all the evidence Marissa passed on about Sammie's fatal attraction, Tracie still wants to meet Sammie and ask her why she did it all -- obviously, or else why would Tracie have started this in the first place?!

They contact Sammie through Facebook; Sammie "reluctantly" agrees to meet; and everyone heads off to Philadelphia.

Tracie: Check out those concerned forehead wrinkles!

Tracie's going to remember this moment next time she has to play someone who's REALLY KIND and WORRIED.

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Tracie liked Sammie because Sammie kissed her ass and made her feel important, and Sammie liked Tracie because Tracie is at a level of fame where she could actually take notice of Sammie.

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