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Then, lead your special someone to the bathtub as you both undress—and don’t forget the flower petals and tea light candles. If you’re good at drawing, you can even give your partner an illustrated preview of what you will do to each other that night.

Lather each other up and pretend you’re Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in. So there you have it: A short list for a relatively short and fast-paced life.

Shaving requires a lot of trust and you must also be comfortable enough with each other, especially if you are going to snip off those growing hairs in each other’s private parts. [Read: Trim, shave or natural – The best looking bushes! If you can afford it, go to a luxury destination such as a private island or a five-star luxury hotel.

Better yet, go on a cruise around the Caribbean—and if you don’t have a lover on the trip with you, why not open yourself up to meeting a billionaire along the way? Draw a warm bath and take out those aromatic oils to make the experience even more sensual. So why not brush up on your handwriting and get some special stationery to pen something erotic to your partner?

Take your partner to heavenly bliss by having sex on the beach. [Read: 10 really fun sex games to play with your boyfriend] #15 Luxury love boat.

Start with a picnic under some palm trees, bathe in the turquoise waters, and then slowly undress each other as you roll out your blanket on the powdery white sand and let nature be your audience. Shaving each other can make you see your favorite body parts of your partner in a whole new light and even give you a deeper appreciation of each other. With the right props, back story, and build up of anticipation, role play makes it possible for you to have sex with different kinds of people but still be with your partner. It’s always a good idea to splurge—wisely—at least once in your life.

Things happen so fast—and before you know it, the moment is gone.

In all this chaos and madness, we can find ourselves letting go of things that we wanted to do and things we wanted to experience.

Your sexual bucket list – 17 fun and sexy experiences that you simply can’t miss Don’t go to your grave kicking yourself for missing out.

If you’re feeling not-so-frisky about the idea, try some lubes first, or have your man watch you play with your vibrator.

Even if you’re just playing by yourself, seeing you enjoy and gyrate is enough to give your man all the pleasure too. Just as your fantasies don’t have to just involve you, watching XXX-rated adult films can be an enjoyable couples thing.

You can even add syrups such as honey or chocolate. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny instantly] #11 Beaching. Think up a sensual scavenger hunt to tease and tantalize your partner.

There’s nothing like salt, sea, and sand to bring you right to paradise. Have him or her wake up to clues scattered all over your place, and even extend the search to his or her office and have him or her running around for the ultimate prize: You.

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